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Disturbed - Hold On To Memories (Lyrics)

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Published: 23 Desember 2019

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David Draiman explains Hold On To Memories

"Have you ever seen the movie, Coco? The concept within the movie is based on the old Mexican tradition of the Day Of The Dead. So what do they do during the Day Of The Dead? They light candles to remember their loved ones, and the theology behind it is that as long as your loved ones are remembered, their souls remain intact in the afterlife. And if you don’t remember them, they disappear. We’ve lost so many people lately. Chester [Bennington] hit me hard, Chris [Cornell] was bad too, but Vinnie [Paul] was worst. In addition, I lost my grandmother this past year. And the more people you lose, the more you start thinking about your own mortality. It drags you down, but it’s important to recognise that as long as you keep their memory with you, a piece of them is still alive.”

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